Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reviewing the situation

The library is quieter this week with the exam period nearing an end, the students are all contemplating where they are going for the semester break! I saw a few cars with their doors open and students throwing in verious items of clothing and body boards etc. (the student accomodation is near the library...). One Postgraduate student even fell asleep in one of our small study booths, she woke up in time to go home for dinner.

Lots of returns for shelving, a few lost and incredibly overdue items and lots of email from 'honorary feral', Feralstu asking us to check the shelves before accounts for replacement are sent out.

I had a few 'new' TAFE students today, yes I know it is June, but they haven't needed the library until now....I now know a bit more about welding and records management for HR...or at least where the information is in the library. The library staff I work with, may not know everything (don't tell), but they will endeavor to find you something on your subject!

We had the "red screen of death" today on the public computers..not sure what happened, but the background of the login page suddenly turned bright red, the ITAngels reset the server and all is blue again!

We are all excited about the 'possibility' of some new furniture to replace the study carrels at the back of the this space. Feralsmc is producing some quality plans to present to the 'space planners', with some alternative solutions our space and storage problems. (We are under review, services etc. and hoping that we can improve not only our services, but the space we deliver them in.) All for now, Feraltb.

(*PS Feralmb would like 'all' to know that it is only 'Good' chocolate that is library currency!)


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Hey TB-). Great to see another W.A. Librarian blogger. Do you know about Ruminations? ( C.W who writes that gave a presentation about blogs etc. at the recent CARCIT ( meeting. I gave one about the "learn it by using it" project we are running at Murdoch. That's what inspired me to create my "real" blog here last Friday.

TB-) said...

Hi Sirexkat, thanks for the comment. I will check it out.

CW said...

Hi TB, yes I gave Feralaw more info on the wiki and a rundown on what we've been doing at TLR. Hope to have some involvement from the Ferals :)

TB-) said...

Thanks CW, I will have a chat to Feralaw....Feraltb