Monday, November 27, 2006

Virtual end of year party for Australian Libraries in Second Life

In the virtual world of Second Life, we are having a get together for Australian Libraries at the Australian Group Building. Have a look at the official invitation on LINT and on CW's blog Ruminations - 13th december 6-8pm WA time.

I was there last night and talking to Emerald. We were discussing placing of items and furniture to make others feel welcome for the event. We are limited as to how much we can have in the building, this is called a 'Prim Limit' so we had to trim and move things around. When trying to place a couch it flew out the window and Emerald had to go and find it. lol. (I think she needs some ruby slippers...)

So come along if you can, it is reasonably easy to get started, I fell down a hole and followed my nose...and ended up in the right place. You can too.FeralTB-)

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Kathryn Greenhill said...

You forgot to mention that when the couch went over the balcony, we looked on the ground..only to find it later floating above the ocean. And your suggestion that we could charge for rides on the floating couch :).

I second the encouragement for people to join our party..just for the sheer strangeness and fun of it all... (and for the potential understanding of how a library "virtual branch" might work).