Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A holiday meme.....5 things the theme....

Just been ‘drive by’ tagged by Kathryn at Librarians Matter
to do this,

5 things you didn't know about me...

I have traced some of my father’s ancestors to when they arrived in Portland in Victoria, a town much like Esperance. One family arrived on the ship ‘Tasmania” in 1851. The story goes like this (epic story voice...) "Her name was Fanny and she married Henry and he died after fathering one child, in a Whaling accident". (This was complicated and enjoyable research....)

A number of years ago, I performed the part of “Swot” (ugly sister) in the Tony Nicholls version of Cinderella a pantomime. I remember entering from stage right, looking for Cinderella, on the line, “where is that rancid prune?”
Tony Nicholls has a way with words and many of the Stepmother’s lines were memorable. (Lady Halfcock)

I have been married to JB for a long time and it seems like only yesterday I asked him if it was ok to get married at his work place. (It was the best garden in town at the time, and he didn’t grumble too much.) Unfortunately as is the way of mines and mining towns, the garden isn’t there any more as it has been swallowed by the mine pit.

I do not like large Spiders......shudder`````, especially the running kind.

I have been for a cruise in Tasmania on the West Coast, down the
Franklin River to the mouth and back. The area and the river are beautiful and the river like glass in some places, making the photos difficult to tell which way was the right way up. (JB still hasn't been to Tasmania, but that is another story for later..:-)

Consider yourself tagged if you read this...thats all now FeralTB-)

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