Saturday, December 16, 2006

'Tis the season to read more..........

This is the view from my computer of the book shelf in the front room. I enjoy this view and I have been gathering books while I was studying (ably helped by FeralMB, thank you..she is very generous with her loans!) and now it is nearly the time to immerse myself in a good tale or two or ten!! The holidays are nearly here!!
I wonder what it will be first, Steve Berry "The Third Secret, "The Best Australian Science Fiction writing for 50 years", Wendy Harmer "Love and Punishment", Linda Howard "Cover of the Night", Naomi Novik "Temeraire", G.E. Gorman "Qualitative Research for the Information Professional" (Nah!)

Only one week to go at work,and the holiday fun has already started,
FeralMM Caught a couple of kids in the store room and chased them out, couldn't see that they had taken anything, but we called security, and got them to chase the group off campus.
The gates at the front of the library have already started to malfunction for the season and last Friday I had to climb over the After Hours returns box after closing them manually (we did suggest to the builder it was a bad place to put it...but...)

We have some lovely students that have been with us for a while during their studies and are now finishing, good luck to them for the future. Some students have been in to say good bye and wish happy holidays to us..this includes Education students, mining students, one studying linguistics, and a few of the TAFE students. (one even brought chocolate...Yay!& Thank you.)

Well one week to go, roll on Friday 22nd. Thats all for now FeralTB

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