Saturday, December 23, 2006

Travel day for Holidays

Today is traditionally the day a lot of people travel for the holidays, getting to their destinations in time for the Christmas Eve celebration or getting to the holiday desitination before everything shuts down for the break! This year we have decided not to go away, and that is fine with me. We are travelling down to the big city later in January for a family get together.
I have completed a lot a journeys on this day,(my family and friends being scattered all over)not the least my first one, because this is the day I was born.(Mum was reminiscing on the phone about my first Christmas!:-)
I have been having a lovely day so far, getting up late, greeted with smiles and kisses from my children and husband,(& breakfast,yum!) phone calls from my mother-in-law and parents, and some gifts, very much appreciated, thank you friends and family.
The "tajine" (pictured above) is from my Husband, it is a earthenware cooking vessel with a tapered lid. I plan on cooking "Chicken with lemon and olives" from "A season in Morocco" by Meera Freeman
Going out for cake and champagne later.
Have a great day, I know I will. FeralTB-)


Anonymous said...


Hope it's stationary and fun and the chicken tastes wonderful..

TB-) said...

Thank you Kathryn it was both,and the chicken tasted like a very sophisticated Lemon chicken Yum!
Have a great Holiday!