Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Babylon 5 fest.....

Had a Babylon 5 fest at the weekend as we discovered season 4 was at the video store. Watched disks 1 & 2 of the series....I had forgotten that it was one hell of a season beginning with Sheridan dying and the shadow war ending and Earth getting up to no good Walter Koenig as the nasty Bester from the Psi Corp....enough fan stuff Phew!

The city is quiet, a lot of people are on holiday and half the town is away.
Most is RAINING,(remember rain? Water falling from the sky) just slowly, but enought to give the town a wash it desperatly needs. It was 40c yesterday and then the clouds gathered, we thought for a big storm. We went to batten down the hatches,the dog hid in the study and then, nothing, small amount of wind and a bit of rain....hope more is on the way.

Just finished Jeffrey Archer's new thriller False Impressions. It wasn't a bad read, but it felt cobbled together. I have read better thrillers about the art world, including Daniel Silva's protagonist, Gabriel Allon, in the series about a Mossad spy who doubles as an art restorer, I have to get his new one The Confessor.

Oh look, its started to RAIN heavily, Yippee!
All for now FeralTB-)

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