Monday, January 08, 2007

Changed to the new blogger...still working it out!

As you can see from the blog, I have changed it to a new format. I was invited to change over to the new blogger from the old, and at the same time lost a lot of my format I had added. (Another learning curve....) Anyway it is easier to manipulate the headings etc. I am not sure why my previous posts are still in 2006(see side bar), but as this is happening to others, I will expect the powers that be will fix it eventually...
Sun is shining, rain is a distant memory.
I went to a meeting in SL this morning, that didn't happen, so I must have had the times wrong.
While I was there I put a sign up on the Australian Library Group building to announce 'Australia Day'. Haven't put any links in as I am still working on that, another learning curve...phew.
I have been learning a great deal in the past twelve months and am still running to catch up (or at least I think so). Library 2.0 is slightly clearer...


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Hi TB.

Ah..the venue was HealthInfo Island, they only told us a couple of days ago. It's on a more robust machine, so less likely to crash. Just a suggestion...which you possibly tried...if you check your "Friends" to see who is online, you could IM someone like Rocky and explain the situation and they'd happily TP you there. I had the kids at swimming lessons in RL.

I saw the Australia Day sign last night and thought "dammit..that sign I put up maust have copied itself"..then I looked closer and just grinned. Well done. We'll be building that dunny in no time :)

BTW, you've set the comments to not allow anonymous..which would seem logical to me..but the effect seems to be that it only allows people to identify themselves with their google account..I'd rather link to my Wordpress blog. (Which is why you didn't get to see my comment on the Australia Day post..I entered it then it was wiped as I played around with the authentication :) :) )

TB-) said...

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for that I will remember to IM next time. I haven't set the comments thingy at all (must be preset on this one, or something I missed)so I will go in and set it.
Glad you liked the sign, I tried all sorts of things, until I came up with just adding a new banner.

Edward said...


You need to change your time zone from West Australian to something else - if you want the archive function to work properly.
I had the same problem, emailed and posted about the problem on all sorts of bulletin boards to no avail.
After much tinkering - worked out it was the time setting.

Best of luck!

Edward said...


Glad it is all sorted.

If you are like me, keen on order etc etc, these little things really upset. . .