Monday, February 05, 2007

Dutch Double

We had an entertaining day on Friday with our resident electrician (a mature expat from the Netherlands) who came in to retag all the electrical equipment in the office.
This involves checking all the equipment for faults and placing plactic tags on the cords that are dated and state that the equipment is in running order. He said (with a twinkle in his eye) that we were ok to use the new hot water jug as he had checked it out. (We had bought it in November and have been using it everyday since then*-)

He is a character and kept up a running banter with us indispersed with comments in Dutch to FeralMB who is of Dutch origins herself.
I learnt that the European part of the Netherlands is called Holland incorrectly and that is only two (north and south) of the twelve provinces of the country.(Should have paid more attention in Geography...) They went on to swap food stories and he is off for a return visit soon.
I am left hoping that when the weather cools maybe FeralMB will bring in the "Butter Cake with apricots"!
Mmm maybe a visit overseas is in my win provided, FeralTB-)


Kit said...

Mmmmm Butter cake with apricots!!
Does FeralMB still cook on a wood stove?

TB-) said...

Hey Kit,
Nice to hear from you. Yes she does! Can't wait for winter.

Anonymous said...

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