Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I put a book OOP......

This was a bit heady lol, for someone who doesn't work in the purchasing area of the library so I have to share.....
I have been ordering a lot of items for our Regional Education department that delivers to many areas around our state, not distance ed. on-site with sessional lecturers. This started as an initiative from our region and is now centralised at the main campus to deliver to other areas.
A lecturer requested that we copy an item and make it available electronically for the off campus students that couldn't purchase a copy,(apparently the bookshop didn't have any) as it was OOP (Out Of Print).
I know from long experience that lecturers are not always right.(oops did I say that, shock horror..*-)
I asked our purchasing department to verify if the book was OOP and they came back and said there was still two copies avaiable in Australia, so it was not offically OOP.
We still had two sites that did not have a copy so I asked them to order the copies and... Voila a book is Out Of Print!!
The Power, Aha hahahahaha! (picture meglomaniac laughing madly!)

Now I know to those who deal with this stuff all the time this is nothing new, but for anyone who has worked in the book world for a long time and shuffled around the edges of "Books In print", ISBN's, new editions, new print runs, and can we find it on Amazon? Not any more.........lol, (well maybe a used one...)This was an interesting moment albeit a small one.

Thanks to all those who wished me well after my op, I am healing well.
All for now FeralTB-)

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Oh the power!!