Thursday, May 24, 2007

Visual Referencing....

You can now access PictureAustralia records through EndnoteX to build your own illustration lists. Picture Australia

It seems the university is heading towards establishing an interest in its students in research, nearly every client I talk to is engaged in discovering "methodology", "research Proposals",and "literature reviews".....

The library is very busy, with clients waiting for computers now a regular thing.

We still have our share of classic questions:
"My lecturer had a book in his hands that had all the tutorial answers in it can I borrow it had the reserve stickers on it and it was yellow...???"
"Will my student card work in the photocopier?"
"Why can't I exit the emergency door?"
"Why has the security guard got his arm in a sling? " (Pub brawl...he lost.)

At the moment our biggest users are the groups of students using the wireless network (Yes it has been working great now for a few months!!!) on the new tables at the back of the library. We regularly fill out all six of the big tables with clients logged on...


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