Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Contact has been made....

I was reading

CW's Blog and was interested in her comments about being a quiet person yet engaged in what goes on around oneself. I have always been relatively quiet,(yes Ferals, unless I know you!) but given the desk to help over (never had a problem with this) or the proscenium arch of the theatre ("Just say the lines and don't bump into the furniture!") and I can be quite outgoing, if the imaginary wall is there.
In social situations with industry boffins making pretty, I have always been wary, unless I am on sure ground. A former boss was with me in South Australia for a conference and was very interested in my lack of small talk amongst a crowd at the cocktail party. (She had seen me on the stage and was very surprised!)
I find I am more of a people watcher and enjoy the social interaction of others around me.
Having said all that, I too find, as I am getting older I am better at the social networking, but prefer the smaller groups, dinner, coffee etc.....
and the WEB thanks to blogging and my friends in the blogosphere, I have a new kind of interaction and enjoy it....see the first attempt (bit crap, but working on it)of a diagram of the networking that can happen. (oops forgot to put about comments on other blogs....well I said I was working on it, and the cat was helping!sigh!)

And now I am going to drink some tea and read a

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CW said...

Nice diagram, TB :)