Wednesday, September 12, 2007


FeralMM had a fall yesterday and I hope she is feeling better today.

What is the most random, unrelated thing you've been asked to demonstrate on the fly in the middle of a library instruction session?
Yesterday while showing a student how to access the catalogue, she wanted to know the difference between Communism and Consumerism. Now this may be obvious to you, but it wasn't to her. Starting to explain, wondering what this had to do with our current subject, and she said, "Oh, so its like Marxism then?" Consumerism? I could see how the words were similar, so that must have started the confusion for her.
We had books on both subjects if she wanted them, I offered to show her how to look them up on the system. At this her eyes glazed over and I went back to the ititial catalogue demonstration, we were researching 'Merit pay for Teachers'???

Sometimes, just sometimes I feel like a mini portable wikipedia, wobberly, knowing bits and bytes of lots of things, not sure if truly correct, but knowing how to find a proper reference and accessed by many for FeralTB-)

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