Monday, September 03, 2007

Reflections from a Fish Bowl

Navel gazing......thoughts on a new week....avoiding the assignment!

I moved into a new office recently at MPOW and it has a few advantages and one big disadvantage, the window is huge and looks straight onto the enquiries and loans desk.
Great, you can see what is going on and help if necessary, but what if you want to scratch or eat.....everyone within 20 meters of the desk can see all that you do!
Clients smile, wave, and talk, through the window!!
Hench the fishbowl....
The other thing about this new job, everything you say or do is analysed in a different way than it used to be. Conversations are different, meanings are contextual, life is one big fish bowl! Not something I was expecting,(don't know why, I've seen it happen to others!)but something I am learning to deal with.

CW on Ruminations this morning reflected some thoughts on new jobs, I particularly liked the bit about Karen Schneider....

"Karen Schneider recently posted her seven goals for her new job. They sound very sensible:

Learn everything I can about my responsibilities
Leave a good impression on as many people as possible
Give my best on every project and endeavor
Help my organization move forward in its goals
Leave some room for my personal life (spouse, person of faith, writer, gardener)
Make someone smile every day
Add something new to the work equation"


Working on number 1 at the moment, and putting some thought into 2-7....FeralTB

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