Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spring and everything is blooming...

Our Little desert town is heading for a spring heat wave...
Fine. Moderate NE winds.
Maximum temperature: 30
UV Index: 8 [Very High] UV Alert from 8:20 to 14:50

Outlook for:
Sunday : Fine. Hot, windy. Min 16 Max: 35
Monday : Fine. Min 16 Max: 32
Tuesday : Fine. Min 14 Max: 37
From BOM

The "Spring Festival" is on tomorrow, so sunscreen and hats will be needed!
Many stalls, hopefully a secondhand book stall....

JB is on the roof 'dewinterising' the airconditioner. He hails from cooler lands so he needs it sooner than most of us. We had to purchse new 'Bats' this year.

The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century Turtledove & Greenberg Eds. (Currently- Timelocker by Henry Kuttner)

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