Saturday, October 27, 2007

umm? New "Remote Photocopy card" added with wireless technology. lol!

Library Client- "I need to pay my fine"
Library Staff - "Its $1.00, thank you"
Library Client- "I only have a $2.00 coin, can you put the other $1.00 on my photocopy card?
Library Staff- "Yes no problem, can I have the card to add the money?"
Library Client- "Oh, I haven't got it with me, I thought you could add the money anyway."
Library Staff- "no sorry we need the card to add money to it"
Library Client- "never mind then....."

We don't have the technology, add money to a card we don't physically have.
Our photocopy cards are not attached to any type of account, or wireless system, they stand alone. Had she thought about it she probably would have realised this. Or maybe not.....[smile]

This lead me to thinking about the wireless technology, and how much our students are now using it in the Library. (They had some trouble getting connected if they had Vista, but one of our marvellous IT people has worked it out now!)
We had a visit from an IT guy from the Big City campus, and after I had dropped him at the airport, I sent him an email about some information. He answered it promptly as there was free wireless at the airport! and he was waiting for the plane to board.

We have had some teething problems, but the system is working fine. I had a conversation with one of the students who lives in the student accomodation next to the Library, he said if you sit on the lawn nearest the library wall, you can connect to the system, he does this if the library is closed. (Students, love 'em, I am sure if it wasn't for them thinking ways around obstacles, we wouldn't have half the new ideas we have.)

Feral TB-) (coming to you via our wireless network at home...keeping up..just!)


Lynn said...

sure hope you got that $1.00 fine anyway! :-)

TB-) said...

Yes, she did pay the