Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Xmas, bush fires, libraries and family...

Happy Holidays to you all...And Happy 2008!!!
After a very busy end period to the year, in which I achieved the new position I wanted at MPOW...!!!And passed my final subjects for my degree!! to be awarded the
'Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies'...

I thought we would travel to the city for a well earned rest and a visit with the MIL (mother-in-law) and my Mother and Father, who have just moved into a new retirement village at Wannanup(otherwise known as Port Bouvard, near Falcon).
The heat in Perth was terrible through Christmas. The MIL lives near the Thomas road exit of the freeway, over the christmas days there were fires in that area,they closed the freeway and we were treated to a lot of smoke, and a lot of helicopters flying low over the house to drop water on the fires. The poor firemen were very busy in what was a very dangerous fire that went very close to the houses.
Despite the heat we had a lovely christmas day at my parents house.

We travelled down to stay with them for a few days and went to the Falcon is a lovely beach and the water was great. (Miami Bakery is just up the street!!)
I managed to fit in a visit to the new Falcon eLibrary, and it is a bright and interesting space, over the road from the new shopping centre at Falcon.
Falcon eLibrary

After a couple of days with friends in the city we were to travel home on the 1st day of the new year, when we heard about the large bush fire in the Boorabbin National Park, which is halfway between Southern Cross and Coolgardie. Very sadly three people have lost their lives in the fire and the road was closed until further notice.
We decided to travel via Esperance and Revensthorpe on the Brookton highway...a lot longer, but safer journey. When we got to Hyden, we were recommeded to travel on the gravel road that was between Hyden and Norseman as it cut at least 3 hours of off the journey. The road had been upgraded to service the mines in the area. We are used to gravel roads as we visit JB's sister and husband via southern cross to Mt walker near Narrenbeen quite regularly so we decided to go the adventure!!
The road was fine, bit dusty, but we paced ourselves and were travelling OK, about 130kms from Norseman we had to stop as there had been an accident and someone had rolled their car. Sadly it soon became evident that someone had died and we had to stay in place and not cross the accident area, until the Norseman police had gathered all they needed to work out what happened.

Two mine workers from the nearby mine had come across the car at about lunchtime and the ambulance had left the scene already. We waited in a long line of vehicles for about two hours and then about 5pm we all were let go through to finish the journey to Norseman.
In the car behind us was a reporter from the ABC in Kalgoorlie and we saw him phoning through his story at the local phonebox in Norseman as we drove away. A lighter moment we had was when we wondered if he was Superman! You know "mild mannered reporter by day..." lol and why he didn't have a mobile phone? He had a lovely dog called Nugget!
In all it was a very long and horrid day and we were glad to get home.
2008 can only get better!!! FeralTB-)

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