Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reviewing the situation....I think I better think it out again...

1000 frames of Hitchcock - "39 Steps"

1000 frames of Hitchcock
Thought this was an interesting site…the idea is to reduce Hitchcock’s films to 1000 frames each…difficult as he had so many beautiful shots…

On holidays to rest my soul…and

Musing about ‘39 steps’ to renewing my blog:

1. Daily posts – highly overrated, if you have nothing to say, don’t say it!

2. Personal info – keep it light

3. Professional info – keep up (mmm…)

4. Make it interesting

5. Make it topical

6. Keep to topic

7. Banal? (bah! Eye of the beholder/reader…)

8. Visually interesting

9. Don’t over do it! Phew!

Maybe I will think about the other 30!

Currently avoiding stuff....
Bye FeralTB-)

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