Sunday, May 04, 2008

"You can even see Jesus from here..."

Quiet morning in the library, received a document delivery request.
Went to the library stacks with colleague to look at the item, that is the years either side of requested date (thank goodness it only has 3 issues per volume, but unfortunately the vols don't run in a calendar year), as title of requested article didn't exsist as far as we could see.

She was on desk duty and mentioned that we shouldn't be this far away for the desk "in case". I agreed, and then showed her how to look through the stacks to the front desk, to check if anyone came in while we were over here for a short while. Look, I said, "you can even see Jesus from here." (Library client, mentally disturbed, thinks he is Jesus and photocopies a lot to prove it.) That cracked her up :-)

Printer stopped working on Thursday, quite dead in the water. Tried "turning it off and on again". Maybe it's tired.
BTW Have you been watching "The IT Crowd" hilarious show on ABC (Australia) about an I.T. department at a large company, who, to quote "Got a computer problem? They'll fix it, well...sort of." Lots of over the top personalities (some we have all met), they even have a 'Goth' living in the inner server room.

We had a client come in to protest that he hadn't claimed something as returned (he had received an account to replace the item, horror, "what is this about"?), and then he proceeded to claim it as returned,(lol) with the same details he had given our staff member last month. We had already completed all the searches for the item. He had a heavy with him to help (boss of his department). So a staff member took him through the "claimed returned" process, again. Methinks he was playing for time. :-)

At the same time we have had a lot of students coming in to sort out fines for the items they took overseas to a mining games competition in the US, to study, and I quote "in the quiet times between airports". A number of these items had been recalled by other clients, but "I couldn't return it from America". Then there was the Academic who emailed from Brazil to say he was sorry to not return his items before he left and another collegue would do so, however he was in a hotel in Brazil and typing on a 'Spanish Keyboard'. Collegue remarked they all deserved the fines for not inviting her on the trips!

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