Friday, July 25, 2008

Newsy items...

Sent out a newsletter this afternoon to the academic library community in our desert town...amongst other thing offering information literacy classes, a list of new items on the shelf and newsy items about our shifting things around in the library.
The responses until I left work were,

1. A quiet reading area, are you expecting the students to read?

[well yes, some of them do.]

2. This title you have in your new items list, I ordered it ages ago with my credit card. You haven't got my copy by mistake have you?

[well no, I don't think it would be...offering three or four reasons why it wouldn't be his copy. Not including the information that, to know which copy belongs to whom is part of our job!8-]

3. Can I have a copy of the photo you put in the newsletter for the *school* site, I am updating it and it would look good next to the link for the Library.

[well yes, here it is.]

Interesting ecletic mix of responses, but hey, I have an audience!

Semester starts on Monday and we have already been seeing a few students roll back into town from holiday jobs, the big smoke or OS for the long break.

I have helped a new student from Indonesia find his way around the catalogue, met a new academic from Africa and answered a phone query for an undergraduate student from Chile. (I wish I spoke more languages, currently I think I need about 5 more!)

Email from IT, "those 66 boxes you were expecting at the end of August, will be delivered next week..." (our treasured IT boffin is leaving so he is sorting things out before he leaves us...its BAAD day today, so thank you I.T. boffin and please come back we need you!)

Ahhh Semester 2, I can smell the brain power burning already!!

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