Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unconference Library 2.0, "Getting our hands dirty"

Just back from the Unconference held at the State Library of Western Australia.Had lots to choose from in the timetablefrom 11.00 to 11.40, we learned how to create a "Google Gadget".(note to self: got to learn some more html)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the next session we learnt some more about, Twitter, plurk, friendfeed,, twirl, ping, hellotxt, and google reader...(phew! so many to choose from, so little time...:-)Nick (the presenter) showed us a torrent of social network tools!!! and he is so involved in everything!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lunch was yummy gourmet pizza, oj, and other fresh treats!After lunch we had some Wii gaming and guitar hero, much fun was had on these!(those library people really like wii boxing! mmm ;-)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Then I attended the "Inspect a Gadget session". There were many wonderful 'gadgets' on display and now I REALLY want an 'Eeepc'. (I am going to wait until the new one comes out as advised at the conference.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next session was a discussion on encouraging reluctant users (staff mainly and clients) and the ideas that went around the table were very interesting.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The final session I attended was on 'facebook and Libraries' presented by two Librarians from Edith Cowan University (Julia Cross and Lutie Sheridan). This was very interesting as I had not heard much about the experiences in setting up an 'organization' on Facebook, and have come away encouraged to try it for our High School Students!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We had a big discussion on the merits of what we did in the day and a bit of a debate at the end, a wrap up and evaluation...In all, I was really encouraged to try a lot of the new 2.0 tech I still hadn't, go again next year and actually talk about or present some of our 'desert' library experiences. FeralTB-)oops did this post in a hurry and tired....edited now :-)

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