Friday, December 19, 2008

Information Literacy

In the past few days, I have been planning for next year's information Literacy classes, emailing Academics, offering classes and asking for indications of requirements.
The three levels on our campus, Yr 11&12 High School, Tafe and Higher Ed (Mining, Nursing & Education) are quite diverse and I am endeavouring to devise programs I can adapt to each level quite quickly.

I found this YouTube video via '@kgs' on twitter about an information literacy program. It is positive and I was interested in the students views on gathering information, especially the comment from one student that she 'asks the librarian, but has to remember that she/he will not be grading the final paper'. - Wikipedia featured prominently as a 'kick off' search page to start research.


Some student quotes "the more you know the more you realise how little you know".
I discovered "how to nail it down and sort through" the information and "how to ask a question".

I can just hope that the students on this campus will be encouraged to ask a question and learn how to nail the information they require!

We have the year 10s here for orientation this week and they are remarking 'how big' the library is compared to their Middle school library. I am encouraged when they ask 'if they can come in on Wednesday' which is the class free day for them.:o))
All for now, last day 2008. Yippee FeralTB-) (aka @kalgrl)

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