Sunday, December 20, 2009

"those schoolgirl days...."

End of an era in this household.
Ms12, our youngest, graduated from Year seven, which is the last year for Primary education,here in the West of Australia.
She had a graduation assembly and a really nice dinner dance on the next night.
Hats off to all the teachers who have influenced her and helped her in her primary education.
Her last teacher was a new graduate, young, and totally professional.
She introduced good homework, took them on camp, and inspired my daughter to read more.
What more can a parent ask for then that? Thank you Miss Lamb.
We, as parents realise that this is the last of 13years association with the same school.
This is a long time, these days for any relationship and we will miss some aspects, and not others.
Notes- the day before, I wont miss those...Smiling helpful staff, I will miss.
Bouquets to all dedicated teaching and support staff everywhere.

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