Saturday, April 24, 2010

State Library of WA discard book sale in Kalgoorlie

Went to the State Library's book sale "here all weekend" in Kalgoorlie. Opens later on ANZAC Day. [Dawn Service maybe for us.]

The choice does not seem as wonderful as last time, needs thoughtful picking over. Also you need to go over the three days as new 'stock' is put out each day.

The items that caught my fancy are below;

Non Fiction
The Beader's Bible; over 300 great charts for beadweavers - Claire Crouchley
The Brontes at Haworth: a life in letters, Diaries and Writings - Juliet Gardiner
Star wars: The essential Guide to Droids - Daniel Wallace
The Potters Palette - Christine Constant and Steve Ogden
The Wind In the Willows Craft Book - Di Campbell
The techniques of Indian Embroidery - Anne Morrell
Gardner's Art through the ages - 8th ed.
Step-by-Step Dollmaking - Barbara Marsten
Glazes and Glazing Technique - Greg Daly
Creative Photocopying: ...for crafts, design... - Stewart and Sally Walton

Astely, Thea 'Coda'
Dick, Phillip K. 'Paycheck'
Eliot, George 'Silas Marner'
Greenwood, Kerry 'Queen of the Flowers'
Hugo, Victor 'The Hunchback of Notre-dame'[Needle, Jan trans. Hughes, David Illus.]
Marston, Edward "The Railway Detective'
McCall Smith, Alexander 'Tears of the Giraffe'
Rankin, Ian 'Watchman'
Robb, JD 'Purity in death'

Short Stories
Astely, Thea 'Collected Stories'
Nebula Awards Showcase - 2003 "the years best SF & Fantasy
The Year's Best - Australian Scinece Fiction and Fantasy - 1997

Australia's Motocycling Heritage - Jim Scaysbrook
Phillip Island: a history of Motor sport since 1923 - Jim Scraysbrook

Might go back tomorrow, can't keep a reader away from these things.:-)


Sputty said...

Hi T,
you could probably sell the Gardner's Art for a profit! or hire it out to the students?

Did you spend too much?

Kalgrl said...

Hi K - spent far too much on the 'good non fiction" should have stuck to the fiction, much cheaper.

Richard said...

Hi Teresa,

I noticed you were a fan of LibraryThing and I thought I'd contact you about a article I've recently put together about cataloging software I'd like to call: The Ultimate Guide to Cataloging Software.

Could you take a gander when you get the chance, maybe give me a plug if you like it;)