Saturday, June 26, 2010

end of the week -Bitz

Max our dog looking quite worried because I was between him and the heater! (or it could be the camera)

Reading - 'Unshelved' picked this up at book sale - Dewey and the gang

Listening to - Triple j hottest 100 Vol 16 (currently COG - Bird of Feather)

Thinking about the play (Sound of Music - Stage Left Theatre Company - pretty good production and we had some musicians from the WAAPA orchestra) we saw today, the cold and if dinner is ready yet and my boy out to an 18th party.

Realising that I am tired with challenging week with staff shortage, one on holiday, contract staff left a week earlier than expected and new staff member starts on Monday. Long hours on desk for team members still on site. Training to organize and I am so ready for a holiday!

Enjoyed this week - Cocktail party at the Mining hall of Fame for launch of the new exhibit. Farewell of staff member going back to Lebanon to live with her family (to clarify - morning tea was nice, florentines and speeches, her leaving wasn't!)and booking a holiday for christmas and my birthday (which is far too close to christmas).

how was your week? hope you enjoyed it.
#blogeverydayforjune (or sorta)

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Penny said...

hee hee at Max :)