Thursday, July 29, 2010

mid week madness @ teh library

midweek madness abounds
student assistant to hire (many applicants - all with merit)
new branding @Library (arrgh not again) change all the signs etc & can we get the new font?
staff away & staff just back
diggers and dealers - wheeling and dealing all week next week
big tent in the carpark - parking at premium - will be worse next week
cold still with a leetle sun in the middle of the day- then the wind picks up
cherry pickers with workers replacing guttering on the next building
cherry pickers with workers putting up the big tent
cherry picker going through the cement on the pathway that does not take weight!
art gallery putting on show for wheelers and dealers - much art moving about
teleconferencing till dusk and beyond

sheesh, semester starts next week and we are all tired already!

decisions about new iphone or htc desire..... (but thats just me..:-)

not that its all like that. Met a lovely lady researching the Murchison Goldfields and we helped her to find a lot of information in the library. Helped some new clients discover EndNote and databases.


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Cherry Picker Hire said...

Hi dear
First take the proper rest to get away from this tiredness. After that revert back with new energy and begin your work again.