Thursday, March 24, 2011

5 things about 5 things 1 year ago and sadness.

5 things that were on my mind on the 23rd March 2010;

1. writing a paper to present at a conference (In collaboration with a friend)
I am doing this again, but feel I have grown and am endeavouring to do it on my own. Only time will tell if I am any good at it at all.

2. the storms in Perth yesterday and the damage done.
Other parts of the country have had terrible weather this year and Perth is in a drought at the moment. Kalgoorlie however has had a lot of rain for the start of 2011. What a difference a year makes to the weather conditions. It is hot again today, after a few days of nice autumn weather.

3. the heat - the air conditioning is not working in the staff areas
This Is Fixed and works fine!!!!

4. the 25 or so jobs on my desk
New jobs - trying to have desk zero - cleared and dealt with by end of the week. Not working yet, cause I am still a bit of a paper fiend, but trying.

5. new staff - hard to find

We have a wonderful new staff member as of the 1st March this year.

We have however had three in that position since this time last year who have left for various reasons. Not the work, things like, family committments, to move to Canberra for a graduateship and moving to another town to follow a career change.

so thats how things have changed over the past year for those 5 things....

Feeling reflective today and sad.
My mother just called to tell me my Uncle Harry had died.
Uncle Harry was always a person who was interested and alive, he was a mechanic, owned a garage and worked for the RAC. Recently he and my Aunty celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary to which I was unable to go, and I am sad about that.
RIP Uncle Harry. I send my love to my Aunty and their children.


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