Saturday, June 11, 2011

#blogjune Day 11 - Hogwarts 'alert

Currently sitting in the front room as there are 3 x 14 year old girls having a "Hogwarts" movie marathon in the main room, wands are being wafted, sorting hats abound and they just ate the biggest 'feast' of nachos, with 'ginger' butter beer and lollies that make you roar like a lion. I believe they are onto the 3rd movie at this stage.

Dobby has 'helped Harry', Snape has swished along the corridors in his black cape and the girls all have a snuggy blanket which can double as a school robe or make you a Dementor. It is a lot of fun, for them. (we hope they are quiet by 12:00)

In one of the 7 things meme that @jobeaz wished that the world of Harry Potter was real, well she needs to get together with these girls, they know the spells, they know the characters, they know the story, put themselves in a Hogwarts House and they love it all. I have noticed that their tastes have changed over the years, once they all wanted to be Griffindor, now the dark side is a bit more attractive it seems with two wanting to be in Slytherin. (Vampire emo's unite!) Its all a load of fun and they are having a ball.

It is suiting us (the parents) as we are in the other room watching the recorded shows we missed this week and finishing a movie 'Limitless', which we started last weekend.

Real worlds are colliding with imagination here this weekend and the imagination is winning. Thats not a bad thing. We all need some time out, I hope you are all having time out over the week end.

Time for the quiz, trivia abounds... A bit more obscure this time.
Play and character please :)

"You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it."

Play nice.


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