Saturday, June 04, 2011

Is my world smaller, or just compact?

I have been, since October last year, exploring using my iPhone for most of my web interaction. This has pushed me to discover if things can be done on the phone, and if not direct, then is there an app or other tool to use.

This morning I am in bed - still with the flu lingering and as I had time (something unusual in my world) I wondered, after reading some #blogjune entries on my rss feeds (which I am currently trying to work out how to add more via teh phone) if I could write an entry on the blog via the phone. This is that entry. Day 4. ( yes I know you probably all do this already, however it is new for me :)

Apart from the length of the sentence seeming to be going on forever, I thought I needed to adjust this manually as I go, as with a text editor, however.. It seems I just needed to change the view. Lol (pribably too much twitter). I am not sure how the published version will look.

I tried to add a photo, however it wanted a URL or pc to get the pic from, didn't seem to want to choose from the many photos on my phone camera. Don't think this is the phone or the blog, just me not prepared. ( tried to add an image from flickr, but it wouldn't take, even though it said it did upload? )

This is a link Ruminations to Con's blog. That seemed to work ok. :D

Thats all for now, (headache is back) enjoy your Saturdays.
( I hope - pushing publish now....)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an argument for an iPad to me.... I keep coming up with said arguments but no matter how good the story my bank balance just doesn't agree....

anyway, I digress (not unusually for me!) - I use Wordpress and the iPhone app for it is not too bad. The worst part about posting from my iPhone is the typing - I touch type so all that 1 fingered 'text typing' drives me nuts!!

Yay you (and hope you're feeling better by now)

Penny said...

I have to say the iPad is much nicer for blog reading :) And possibly posting too, though I tend not to use it for that.

Kalgrl said...

Hello both - awww i wants one now... can see why an ipad is good for bloging and #bedtweets