Wednesday, December 28, 2011

25th December 2011

The rather splendiferious tree decorated by MS14, we left behind, and all our pressies - woe. (Shh...we did have a small carpet party in the lounge and open a few before we went away, shhh...) I spent the few days between coming home from Perth and going to Esperance, (it felt like) running at full tilt to get everything done - I hope I didnt forget anything, it was such a blur..
Much fun, food (thank you to SIL and Niece) and more fun and food was had by all. After cleanup, most of us went to early rest. (note to self - remember *nothing is open in Esperance on Christmas day - Children get hungry again - must take/buy food for other meals as service station stuff is edible but...)
We made Ninja Gingerbreads to take, but didn't get time to ice, so Ms 14 and I did a 'reasonable job' of decorating on Christmas eve in the hotel room. They were well received. (one small nephew loves 'the rocks' - silver decoration and he loved that we put 'a lot' on the gingerbread.) They were a "little pink" for ninjas so good thing we don't have a final photo. @kalgrl

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