Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hi, we are all having a busy start to the year.

We had a very happy 'un-birthday' this week and Feralaw was feted. (Her birthday is on Dec. 31st and just tooo difficult during Christmas to celebrate!) She produced a yummy lemon and lime tart with mixed berries as a topping! The birthday thing at the library as started a number of years ago by FERALS who did not have family here in the bush and no one to celebrate with! A list is put up by the birthday person and we all get something off the list for them. The only thing they have to do is supply the cake! Chocolate, vouchers and baileys... need I say more!

The library has been humming and many students have had their heads down working hard.
Quite a few tourists have been in to use the internet, and we have sent them on to the public library 2 streets away. We are on the route to the public library and they come in hopeful that they have reached their destination!

Inductions for all of the High School students, and problems with borrowing for them, as the school has been split (Middle and upper school) and they have only just decided on a name! (Apparently the middle school, not on our site, has had their new name for a while, but the 'department' forgot they needed one for the upper school! on our site) They should be borrowing soooooon.

The TAFE level students have had problems with actually being recognised by the computer system, a matter of one system not talking to another. So situation normal and usual stuff for the start of the year. The IT people forget we have these level students here when they make changes! And their IT forget it has to be loaded onto our uni system......should be fixed now.

The 3rd year uni students have just finished an assignment for one of the lecturers and this has made us aware that they "don't know much about gathering information!" Don't know how much they have been spoon fed in the past, or worked in bigger groups at the big city campus with the few supplying the many! but most of them were not aware of our electronic databases (what they were) and how to search them! Feralmb has been followed around all week, by certain ones! A lot of these students have been at the big city campus and are now studying here as a precursor to securing a job in the industry when they graduate.....mining community...networking etc.

I am here on Sunday, studying! having enrolled to do a post-grad...I find I now have to do it!
Home is noisy and here I can share problems with the boss who is doing a masters!
Must go now....Cheers Feraltb

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