Friday, March 10, 2006

Students, students everywhere........

Well, we are well and truly into the start of the academic year. It's been hot, and everyone is tired and grumpy. We just want good cyclone to come along and dump some rain like last week and it will all cool down again. (We had twice the March average rainfall in one day!) 37.7c today.

The students are all working away, happily I think, though I did have one that when I was suggesting things for his secret password question was quite impossibly rude. "His Dad didn't have a middle name" "I won't use my mothers maiden name." and when I suggested a hero from his youth he said..."I do not have any idols before the lord my God", which kind of put me in my place!! (He is an older student returning to study!) All this, why I was showing him how to set up his online email (not my job, just being nice!). He went away....<:-0

The high school students are all using the library more this year which is a good thing, they are being a bit noisy, but we have a good set of teachers that are stopping that quickly. We heard shrieks from the back of the library after one set of students came in as one of the girls had disturbed lots of small ants under her desk... our fixit man came and they are no more!
We had another of our "favourites" phone in and wanted to join the library as she was studying through "open learning" now.(She has been studying at our university for years, not completing, just studying! and has moved on!) When it was explained that we do not offer library services to Open Learning Students, that is done through her home campus...she went in to see the local member of parliament and complained..he is a minister in the government! We will wait and see what eventuates there...some people always want something for nothing! Might get famous in the paper if he is looking for a cause, but at the moment one of the local shops is in his sights!
That's all for now. FeralTB
PS the new printer can print double sided...glory be, civilisation has hit the desert!

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