Sunday, March 05, 2006

Land of the long weekend

Well, look, its only March and we have a long weekend already, except of course if you work in an academic library. Not only do we open on Sunday, but Monday as well.
I am lucky enough to be rostered on (but not for the next long weekend in June! Thank you oh Roster Queen!) for the first Sunday of the year! We have a new part time staff member and she will be working with me, in what will probably turn out to be a very busy day!
The new students have already been trying us on for size, seeing how far they can push the boundaries, until we push back. So if the photocopiers all work, the notes are all on Reserve and we have the particular text they haven't bought may go fast.

The thing about Sunday is that it is traditionally a very busy day here, as our fair city is reasonably fully employed, and a lot of our clients can only get to the library on this day. Also we are the only academic library in this area so we have a large reciprocal client (other University's students using our library) group.
...The day was very steady, but not as busy as I had thought....Many clients on computers...not as many to the desk!
Hey ho its Monday and we have a steady flow of clients, pleased to see we didn't get the day off! Had to change over a couple of printers for a new set of very heavy ones. We have an IT department that is 600km away so they outsource the setting up of equipment at our library to well..Us! enought for now. feralTB

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