Saturday, March 04, 2006

There are People and there are Pencils!

I have discovered a need to blog! Sharing the sometimes hilarious tales of a group of academic library workers in a remote country site! (remote from the city and the ocean, that is!)
FERALS stands for "Females Enlightened Residing at Landlocked Sites".
We are few, but we serve many, at many different levels, and this can result in some facinating exchanges.
Please "look it up", "read the screen" and "no, I don't know your password" are some common ones...
We are seen as experts in - word processing, database management, dewey, contents of books (don't laugh!) and journals, maintaining websites (not ours, of course, just anything the clients choose), magic (just try to recover something someone has deleted and then logged off from!) security and building/furniture maintenance, to name a few.
We remain a positive bunch with a willingness to help if we can.
My favourite cartoon is "Unshelved" by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, mainly because it consistantly mirrors our daily working life!
The show we are all watching now is "Little Britian" a comedy show on TV. Particularly the lady that states "Computer says no!", we are working on easing that into a workroom conversation in any way we can at the moment! lol.
-Oops had to go... the fire engines are seems somone from security tested the fire panel and it has set alarms off so we have had a visit. They are all a bit cute (gorgeous even!) so I am contemplating being overcome with heat exhaustion...*-)
Thats all for now...feralTB

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