Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yuccky Viral thingy....

Haven't posted this week, been struck down with a horrid viral know, sore throat...goes to chest...aches, pains, headache. I've not been nice to be around...the Library Ferals sent me home. (I know they love me and don't want the yuccky thingy...*-)
Must go now to says on the bottle it tastes like Grenadine...yeah, I don't think so!

Jack the "Fat Black Cat" thought it was wonderful to have me home in the day, someone to cuddle up to..... Thats all now FeralTB.


Big Red said...

Poor Feral

I think they were right to ban you as the first thing you did was pass the nasty viral thingy onto my defenceless family. (Just a joke Joyce).

Has a tame dinosaur been sent in for assessment yet?

TB-) said...

Sorry Big Red.....Hope you are feeling better very soon.
Theosaurus has been sent in....awaiting assessment....studying hard....
Take care and keep warm.