Sunday, June 11, 2006

Land of the long weekend 2

The long weekend in June arrived and we Ferals actually had the Monday off this year..yippee!
We headed off, JB, me and the wee two, to the coast!!! Actual sea and sun and sand!!
Yes I know it is June and verrrrry cold, but a change is great to chase away the winter blues and flues (hear that Big Red!! roll on July!).
The days were a sunny 18 degrees (c) and there was hardly any wind so the weather was finer than we expected. There was a market day in the village with lots of books (managed to get M is for Malice and K is for Killer - Sue Grafton, and a couple of classic Scifi) and fun things including Home made Marmalade and pumpkin scones and bags and......and.....cute puppies (no wee2 you can't have one!)
We visited our new nephew and he is a grand little chap 8 months and very smiley, just like his Mum. Their farm is set on a hill and has great views of the coast and town.
We went to the movies and saw "The worlds fastest Indian" about Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) an ordinary guy from Invercargill in NZ who travelled to BonnieVille Flats in the US in the 60's to break a world land speed record on his bike..good movie, well made.
Wandered back to the unit eating gormet pizza from the local.
Had a good trip and had to come back to the desert...paid a record price ( for us) for petrol.
Library news ...its been very very quiet in the library again this week, many clients in, with their heads down and studying, exam week next week. The Reserve area is doing a roaring trade. We had a request on the phone from a client for one of the staff to "take a video home and leave it in the letterbox" and the client would retrieve it from there....she was sick...but we thought not! Client service aside...this was beyond the call....she eventually sent in a friend to pick it up. (Why she didn't do that in the first place is beyond me....)
Any way that all for now, FeralTB

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