Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Theme is 'Meme' (go on google it! I did...)

I AM: relatively sane.

I SAID: Much too much.

I WANT: more hours to play.

I WISH: for harmony.

I HATE: ... not much.

I MISS: bananas.

I FEAR: running spiders.

I WONDER: what motivates people.

I REGRET: not studying harder.

I AM NOT: the best at expressing myself.

I DANCE: if I can, with a twirl..

I SING: anything, everything...much to my daughters horror!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: a great time manager.

I MADE: a herb garden.

I WRITE: to remember.

I CONFUSE: the issue.

I NEED: my friends.

I SHOULD: spend 15 minutes a day...

I START: what interests me.

I FINISH: the important things.

I BELIEVE: life is....get it started.

I KNOW: Information science is changing.

I CAN'T: remember new names very well.

I SEE: the shine in my childs eyes.

I BLOG: to communicate.

I READ: to relax and learn.

IT PISSES ME OFF: when the young are hurt.

I FIND: small things beautiful.

I LIKE: temptation....


I TAG: you. (the reader)

(Thanks to 'Sirexkat'for the pointer and 'Ruminations' for the Meme)


CW said...

Hello TB :) I was talking with Feralaw (I think that's correct?) while she was up at TLR on Friday and she confirmed that I was right in guessing who and where you are :) Don't worry I won't reveal your Secret Identity! Nice to find your blog, and am looking forward to reading more from you! CW (can you guess who I am?)

TB-) said...

Hi CW, thank you for not revealing my secret identity! Yes I can guess who you are. I have been reading 'Ruminations', with great interest. Thanks for the Meme.