Sunday, July 02, 2006

Students, what students?

Well exam time is over and the undergraduates have left town for the holiday “water” places or for holiday jobs, to pay for the next semester. We have had a lot of returns accompanied by students paying fines or ducking them (or trying to) as the case may be.

Feralaw was told by one student when she returned her very overdue video, she was ‘not paying her fines’ and was leaving this ‘Horrible’ town. We are still not sure what her aversion was, (she didn’t quite share everything) but sometimes it takes a while to acclimatise to a country desert town, if ever. The High School students have mostly all gone to country week.....or Rock Eisteddfod, and Tafe finishes next week.

Some feral things that happened this week are;
I had a student teacher come in and ask me for some items on extreme weather. While I was helping her she had one earphone in her ear and one out, so I was treated to a musical interlude while I worked. I put that up there with the rudeness of people talking on the phone while you are trying to help them, like you are, well, not there at all! Grrrrrr. (These people should probably use SMS a query - new service from the library)

We have a new cleaner, who looks quite dashing in a recent haircut, with a toilet brush stuck in his belt and his running around to get finished quickly. He is an animation movie nut, so we have interesting talks on this subject.

Ahhh the quiet time, to reflect, shelve, shelf check and commence clean up and preparation for the next semester. (While we are shelf checking or reading we are pulling items that need repair, so Feralsmc and Feralmm, have a lot to do!) Information sheets to produce, lecturers to harass, and NO LONG HOURS! Yippee! (Though we do miss the odd morning off, we don’t miss the late finishes!)
Feralmb is on leave to watch ‘The Soccer’ and I’m next, double yippee!

Feralaw and I are recovering from exam time....we think it was Ok, not sure yet!
The Reviewer has been, asked questions and gone.
Everything is running down and the weather is getting colder, and very dry.
That’s all for now Feraltb.

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