Monday, July 10, 2006

Winter holidays!! (& Cupcakes)

Winter is here in the desert, though some may think we don't have winter here, as currently the days average 18 degrees C and sunny, but it can get very cold at night. We do need some rain, we had a very dry June, and July is not looking better!
The library staff have all been working in the building in thinner clothing, as the boiler that serves the airconditioning for our building is working very well and it is warm!
The "big city branch" has developed a collection management policy, which is interesting as one of my next subjects deals with that very thing! Our local general items collection is ageing and needs a 'weed' (yes I know 'deselection'). Feralaw has started a duplicates weed already!

Feralmm had a birthday this week and brought in a wonderful 'Ricotta and Apricot cake' for the ferals to share. (We gave her some loot and funny cards in return!)

The holiday frolics have started already, by this I mean, the semester break is on and there are not too many people around. (I envy the lecturer off to China to digitally map a mountain!) I saw a window on the upper floor of the building next to ours being replaced, late last they are broken, they are replacing most of them with perspex (the theory is that the rocks bounce off *-).

I am on Holidays from today and plan a trip to the 'city' for my Father's birthday, a view of the ocean, a wine with friends and some retail therapy!
I have checked my work email and deleted '183' spams!, and that only after two days!
Weekend activities:
Read one professional paper on Knowledge management.
Made some cupcakes with my daughter!
Watched half of the soccer before I fell asleep. (grumble, was going for France!)
Spring/winter cleaning...of
Washing...haven't attempted the dreaded 'P' word yet (packing) though JB has made his customary joke about attaching the trailer.

I have just read that CW and Sirexcat have set up a "Blog Central for libraries in Australia" over the weekend "" . Have a look!
Thats all for now, Feraltb.

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