Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blog learning curve

Sometimes living in the desert is not just about the distance, the heat, the dust and the lack of rain. Since I have started blogging I feel I have been on a learning curve, and learnt about a few new concepts and terms:

Web 2.0 (and leading on from that: Libraries 2.0)
Pod cast

I have looked at a Wiki, learnt about mashup, set up an aggregator without really knowing what it was for...lol...done a meme, and listened to an interesting pod cast from Singapore. (Now I really want an mp3 player or similar..)
The things I still don't know are many, but I feel slightly enlightened and want more!! (I still haven't found out how to embed links in my blogs, but the library should have a book....lol)
Off now to do some learnin'. Feraltb
(The tree is the Dundas Mahogany out front of my house, one of the advantages of living in the desert!)


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Yes, I know the feeling. I started all this on a quiet public holiday (Anzac Day) when I had a desk shift and I thought I'd finally get around to something my boss wanted me to look at. Mildly interesting way to spend an afternoon I thought.

11 blogs later and one course for other librarians ongoing, I can see I was wrong. BTW.....I showed my librarians a list of feeds I'd set up and both groups were most interested in YOUR blog...and believe me there were some biggie blogs in the group.

TB-) said...

Hi Sirexkat,
A Librarian friend from Perth set me off on this trail, by suggesting I set up on "blogspot" for my feeds. I find it very addictive. JB calls himself a "Bloggers widower" lol.
I have also learnt a few things from your blog "Librarians Matter" and enjoy reading it.
Thanks for the comments. TB-)

Westozpt said...

I always thought that tree was a Eucalypt. I guess I will have to brush on the native stuf now that I am officially a citizen

Ivan Chew said...

Hello, try Blogger Help. It has everything on using Blogger.

TB-) said...

Hi Westozpt, congrats on becoming a citizen! The tree surprised me too, I was checked what it was as it was a different, taller tree from the regular 'Blackbutt' in the street.
Thanks ivan I will have a look.