Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Holidays, water and back to work blues...

A glance at the sea! A tilt at the shops!

Fremantle is still the top of my list for a quiet wander and ponder. The days were fine and the nights crisp and dry. (Had some rain on one day, but not enough) Trawled the bookshops and managed to find three novels to read. Bought some clothes and ate some food and drank some wine, great shopping. Next time though, we plan to do less shopping and more socialising!

Back to the desert and the big dry, we were promised some rain, didn’t come, no surprise there. The library was very cold yesterday, not just me, it takes a while to warm up the building when the heating has been turned off. Back to hundreds of spam email and a few for work.

Forgot to memtion that FeralMB had a SIGNIFICANT birthday on Bastile day. We all had cake and gave loot. She took us out to lunch on the Saturday and a very nice lunch it was too!(Apart from the waitress questioning our ability to read the menu...lol)My 'Beef and Guiness' pie was wonderful. Thank you Feralmb and Happy ** Birthday.

Couldn't focus all day on Monday, but back in form and managed to avoid shelf reading today, had to work the desk...shame (lol), apparently I missed the cooking section. FeralSMc found a great book, ‘The gallery of regrettable food” by James Lileks, it contained many photos and funny references to food from the 50’s and 60’s, all nasty stuff, much gelatine and decorative radishes, kept them laughing for hours.

The students are starting to come into the building again, after the break, lecturers are starting to order new items for this coming semester... yes, no surprise there! One student took pity on us a gave some 'pre semester' chocolate..he knows!

We have been moving things around, breathing new life into the space of the Library.
We hope to replace the horrid ‘orange’ chairs from the eighties and get some new lighter coloured tables for the darker areas. The plan is to open up the centre of the library to bring more clients further into the building, rather than them stopping at the papers in the foyer. (Want a coffee shop next, but that is only my pipe dream!)

The semester starts next week, have to get going again with the books. Feralaw has started and is already working hard. (That’s probably because she is going skiing next week, lucky her!)

Well that’s all for now, Feraltb.


Kathryn Greenhill said...

I was watching your blog and wondering where you'd gone.Turns out you were just down the road. We love to wander the streets during the week, but try to avoid it at all costs during the weekend.

Hmmm...I don't know what I'd prefer. A coffee shop or the type of user who is caring enough and smart enough to know to offer chocolate.

TB-) said...

Hi Sirexcat,
Thanks for the comment. We were in Freo on Wednesday, seemed a good day for wandering.