Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quiet week......

Library work is full of desk shifts, and client queries.
Questions I have been asked this week,(so far)

I have a sanction, can you fix it? now?
How do I get onto the computer?
What is my password?
How do I get a password?
What was the name of the Disability Services Act in 1910?
Where is the toilet/photocopier/printer?
How do I use the photocopier/printer?
Where are the books on mining? (...1/2 the library)
Can I get books without coming to the library? (lecturer)
What are my fines?
What do I have on loan?
Why is the computer not working?
Why do I have a sanction?
Sorry I have printed someone elses work, can I get a refund?
Can I get ***** Chat?
Can I borrow a video on debating? (TL in another town)
Does the TL (Local) have any videos on appro on her desk??
Where is the TL? (Italy...)
Can we link to a journal from a reserve list?
How do I use the catalogue?
How do I request an item?
Can I borrow your, pen, stapler, photocopy card?
Can you show this student how to use the student information services?
Can you tell me how much I owe for my units? (huh?)
Can I book the seminar room? All semester?
Can I bring a class to the library?
Can the Librarian come and show me how to do this?
You have overbanked 10c can you decide which receipt to add it to?
Can you please go an get a book off the shelf and tell me what Fig.66 looks like?
What time do you close tonight, tomorrow, next week?

Library work is full and varied!
Thats all for now, FeralTB-)


CW said...


I should do the same for my week, but I think it would stress me out (I need to pick a less aggravating week I think)...

TB-) said...

Hey CW,
Keep smiling. Endless endnote? Have you looked at Refworks yet? What do you think?

Kathryn Greenhill said...

I love the ones that begin .."I don't go to this university, but ....".

Which is better than the ones who announce in the middle of your answer, after you've explained how they should authenticate and how to top up their internet access quota, "I don't go to this university...".

TB-) said...

Hi Sirexkat,
Yes we have those, I usually get the idea when their eyes glaze over at the "too much information, can I just use the net" stage lol.
Have a great weekend.

CW said...

tb-) i have converted my EndNote library into RefWorks and am using it quite happily. I'm quite interested to see how our users find it!