Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ramblings on the start of semester.....

Well hasn't the semester started with a bang.... I have the morning off but that is because I am working tonight...time for a hot drink...mmmm back now. Weather, is constantly fine.....still no rain....things are very dry!

Outlook for:
Wednesday : Fine. Max: 18
Thursday : Fine. Max: 19
Friday : Fine. Max: 22

New students from the big city University, for a desert semester. (need a bit of training, oop's help...)
Many students in to pay fines and have sanctions lifted. Electronic Student information services kept shutting down on Friday ...too many on at one time would be my guess. Seems to be ok this week.
Lots of Reserve things to do, "is the link not working , is the book not here, yet sorry will fix it asap!" (Big city library Reserve staff, going crazy, trying not to do the same!)
Feralaw went away for two weeks skiing. Feralmb is not feeling very well and we sent her home with her bugs. (bit of self interest there, I've already had my dose - see previous post ...Yukky Viral thingy!)Feralmm is doing an extra day to cover, thanks to her!
I have looked (Yeah, just looked and gulped!)at my two units for this semester, "Collection Management" and "Knowledge Management", somehow with the word "Management" popping up constantly, I see master yoda, the difference from the Units for my BSC LibTech, more management, less tech... One verry good thing is NO exam for one of them....yes I know that means a very heavy last assignment, but I think I prefer that to exam nerves! A friend in Tasmania just changed to the Masters, not sure I could cope with the extra work, family, work etc...(might have a look....)
Been reading a series by Elizabeth George, Inspector Lynley novels,"doing them to death' as is my wont when I discover a "new for me" author.....must study now..lol.
Had a brief stab at Library Thing this week, I think it could be addictive. The "librarians who librarything" group rules!
Well that's all for now, Feraltb.


CW said...

Read EG some time ago but after a while got sick of the fraught relationships between Linley and Helen and St James and Deborah... how are you finding it?

TB-) said...

Hey CW, Much the same, just about ready to chuck it with the angst of the last one when Helen went to Greece and Deborah wouldn't talk to her husband. Liked the mystery part. Feralaw is going to lend me a couple more, so I think I will hang out for them, and do some study TB-)