Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Conference suits and Constellations

We are (sorry were, this post is late) having a conference here in the desert, where all the monied mining people get together dig in and do deals! The area in front of the library has been awash with "suits on phones" at break times. (Smoking seems to be a thing of the past! Hooray!)
A few venture into the library looking for a quiet corner.
There is a rather large tent in the carpark next door, where all the business is taking place. They had a cocktail party and a ball and someone's plane a "Constellation" was doing flights over the city. The commercial flights in and out of town were full as were the hotels and spare rooms!

Verry busy week with orientations and new 'lost' students from the main campus.
(One wonders how they get to third year without using the catalogue! or buying a stapler!)

"Mechanics of Materials" Beer, F.P. 3rd ed. has the award for the book most in demand this week.

also, Do you have a book on,
Technology and society
a definition of Gender
architectual framing of buildings
male pelvic floor exercises (a paper)....

FeralMB is back with us, still coughing, but on the mend.
Oh, lol, someone decided to begin painting the outside of the conference venue (next door to tent) on the last day of the conference, there were cherry pickers and men in white overalls all over the place....("head shake of disbelief").

Going to a performance of "The Merchant of Venice" next week...I haven't seen this one performed live before...can't wait.
JB has been away two weeks in a row, I feel like a fly-in fly-out widow....hate to do it full time. (Feel for my friend 'CityDeb', she does it all the time!)

Speaking of constellations the skys are clear and we get a great view of the stars here in the desert, the moon is full and still no rain!
Thats all for now, FeralTB

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