Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of Shakespeare, MC Escher and Other Things

Went to the Bell Shakespeare Company's performance of The Merchant of Venice last night here in the desert, which is quite a treat, as not only do we live in a physical desert (although we had half an hour of rain today!)but a cultural one as well!
I enjoyed the performance and the minimalist set, which reminded me of an MC Escher drawing I had seen once. Lots of arches on angles in a movable set.
It had the slight feel of the 'second team' touring the regionals, but I felt the actors all did a very credible job. There was no programme so I don't know who was in it, but the actress who played Portia stood out as did the actress playing Jessica, Shylocks daughter.
I had forgotten how many well known speeches were in the play
"The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven" and
"all that glisters is not gold" (tell that to the mining companies!)
to quote a couple. Thank you Mr Shakespeare. (And Mr Bell)

JB gave me a new term today "Liveware" I had a look at Wikipedia and the definition is "a person who is operating a computer." Now we have hardware, software and liveware. My hot drink is in dinnerware and the snack is in the tupperware..... not just a number anymore!!!

The library has been very busy, week three of term, and we are seeing a lot of requests on how to find Reserve and how to recall items from other students.
Many bodies, many questions....

I purchased a copy of "Goodnight Me" by Andrew Daddo & illustrated by Emma Quay. I plan to read it with my daughter. Thank you Sirexcat for the link to the ALIA website where I read the story about "National Simultaneous Storytime 11:00am Friday 1 September"

Any way thats all for now, FeralTB-)

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Big Red said...

Well I am not so disappointed I was sick that day but now I will have to wait another 2 years in the desert (physical and cultural) before I can see the Bell Shakespeare Company again.