Friday, September 15, 2006

How do I edit my link list...let me count the ways!

Well after a long time lusting after theLibrary thing 'Random Books from my library' on CW's side bar, I sat down tonight and worked out how to do it. My HTML is very rusty, but I have managed the 'Wiget' and the start of a 'blogroll'. (My son tells me Widget is a purple alien that can shapeshift and JB says its a plastic ball thingy in beer to make it fizz.)
Any way now that I have worked out how to do this thang, I will be refining and playing, as it is very addictive.

I have an assignment due on "communities of practice" so its going to be a busy week.

The library has been bustling with many students in for Reserve items and to use the computers. I have to work on Sunday, its my turn again!

The Senior high school part of our campus was offically opened on Thursday as the new Senior Campus for Years 11 & 12 in this Desert town, the Minister of Education was in town to attend the ceremony, and she also opened the new Middle schooling campus on another site on Friday, plus something at a primary school..busy woman. When I met her she was polite and without prompting, talking up increasing the Arts curriculum in our I will wait and see what develops. Having watched the emphasis on the arts diminish in the past 10 years due to govenment funding heavily focused on industry and training, not that that is a bad thing with the situation of a lack of trained tradespeople. I just think the arts needs funding on its own merits, not in comparison.("picture me stepping off soap box now...")

We have some new things!!! Thank you to the powers that be....
11 chairs arrived this week, 10 for the computer area to replace the old computer chairs that were losing their nuts and bolts regularly, and could not be adjusted easily.
1 to replace the drafting chair at the enquiries desk, we need this the most, its most entertaining to sit on the old one (which has been welded a couple of times) and sink below the desk level every time. (This one was second hand from the Big City Branch!)
1 new Data projector, which I managed to work out how to turn off, eventually! lol.
The light is so bright, to quote honorary attracts every moth in a ten mile radius.
1 new lap top to go with the data projector, so it can be more portable!

Feralaw continues the weeding program determined to bring the newer items into the light for clients to see them....
Lost property this week is one Flashdrive...its the second time we have had this one, he will be back.
We have a scanner which the students use on the public computers and headphones we lend out. We require them to leave their student ID with us, when they borrow so we know who they are...sometimes this is adapted to "something you will come back for", when they don't have their card, this week I have had a Music CD, a very nice mobile phone (worth more than the scanner, the student proudly told me), and a set of car keys.
Well I must go now..Saturday monring, bright sunshine, race day..not that I am going.
Thats all for now FeralTB.

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