Saturday, September 23, 2006

To my know who you are...

Thanks to the Librarianinblack for the link to the poster maker, it is an interesting tool.

Also I tried and the various searches she suggested and was suprised at the results, I tend to using Google a lot, (just lazy I guess..) but I will definitly be using this one more.

Alexandria in the sky or the Luna Library This is a great idea, I bags working there! I promise not to litter! Put up many signs or shhhh at all! I am sure we can work on a search engine for access from the Earth. Just need a faster more convienient less expensive method of getting there.

I have been also looking at the
ramblinglibrarian, an interesting blog from a Singapore Librarian, he has another site myrightbrain which is a mix of art and music. I particulalrly like the "Red Umbrella Reprise" a mix of his music and another musicians and the "Sand Art Performance".

I have been reading all the blogs this week from the "Click 06" ALIA conference in Perth. The images have been interesting. Lots of Black Shoes laughter and learnin'
Roll on the next one in NT...I hope to go.

Thats all folks.....its getting late and I am missing "RockWiz"
Bye, FeralTB

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