Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finding Thirty......Exercise...and walking to work

It may not be a big exercise, but time wise it’s always a difficult thing.
When to do the morning...hmm, not a morning person, always rushing to get anywhere on time! Daughter seems always to take her time in the morning, NB her time is slower than anyone else.
In the evening...hmm, very tired at end of day, cook dinner, water plants, feed zoo, wash clothes (etc. you get the picture) (study wot’s that?)
Lunch time hmm, well that’s an much for slow food...& reading!(Just ask Big Red my erstwhile lunchtime walking companion...matching lunch times alone is a big thing)

Decided to change all that this week, 3 step program- (baby steps...)
Step 1.
I read an interesting blog on Steve Pavlina’s blog “Personal Development for smart people” about How to become an early it
Step 2.
Walk my daughter to school and then on to work
Step 3.
Arrive at work on time.

Step one...have got up early three days now...not sure how long it will last....Notoriously nasty in the morning!
Step 2...have done this twice now, (daughter did ask me this morning how long we will be doing this for lol).
Step 3...yes! Arrived at work 10mins early and 5 mins early!

Next this long enough to make it a habit!

I have enjoyed the walk to work, watching the town wake up and start to move. As an inveterate people watcher it is interesting to see how others take on the day. What they wear as they guess the weather, the suitable or unsuitable shoes for walking, and the way they stroll or hurry.
The route to the library from our end of town takes us over an oval, a railway bridge, past the war memorial to the school. Then, on from the school, past the main shopping square, past the undertakers, the rock museum (not music), the fantastic rosemary hedge outside the first buildings of the University and on past the high school annex the amphitheatre and the Gardener’s wonderful roses to the Library door.

The library entrance is not all that it could be at the moment, as the brick toilet block with the recent graffiti brings down the tone a little, but it is always pleasant inside.
(Greens and blues and computer chairs in dark grey!)

Next thing, walking home...not bad with ABCFM on the radio – drive time...
Note to self...don’t take more than one book home, the bag gets heavy!
That’s all for now Feraltb.


Anonymous said...

So how is the early rising experiment going, TB?

TB-) said...

Hey CW, not too bad, still don't like it though, but am getting more used to it