Sunday, October 08, 2006 a Tardis, bigger on the inside!

The interesting discussion on the ABC National Radio program ByDesign has 2 experts in the field of Library Design discussing with Alan Saunders the new aspects of Library spaces now and in the future. Alan describes the library as "Like a Tardis" bigger on the inside. I know this is true with the advent of new technologies, Ebooks, Elearning and wireless access, to name a few. Have a listen....

On another topic, Libraries have always dealt with new and interesting technologies and changes in their ways of working. It was the topic of a slightly fluffy but quality film set in the 1950's. (Yes, that long ago!)
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Desk Set which is a charming little movie with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, and introduces the staff of a research unit of a newspaper to new technology and they have a competition to see who can extract and produce the required information faster. Romantic comedy for Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, but interesting for the theme..

Damn lies and statistics...we completed a week of statistics last week when nobody was here...this week they are thick on the ground and we are not doing stats...oh well the door numbers will be up...

Naughty Librarian costume only because!

Thats all for now..FeralTB

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