Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Exams and end of year activities

Exams time is here, final assignments are due…quiet reigns in the library.
Next week we have the year 10’s over for their orientation for year 11, so it should be busy.

Shelf checking/reading is the reliable end of year job and we are all looking forward to it (not!). FeralMB cracks the whip and we all participate.
(Speaking of which, FeralSMc found a set of Journals that were not on the system and might need analyticals much to FeralMBs disgust! lol)

We have a new system for adding credit to photocopy cards and it takes an age to get it working as we literally went from a small box of approx 10cm by 20cm to a full computer with screen. Now instead of placing the card into the box and just adding credit, we have to log on, scroll to the correct place, put in the amount and save to the card. Kind of ‘over engineering” with the new model.

Pod casting …we have been asked to consider doing a pod cast for the library here. I think this would be good, not only for the clients, but also for the staff. Wish we could do it with visuals as well…but never mind. We have a lot of clients (from outside town) that complete the last one or two years here and it will be useful to them to see that we are basically a “mini me” (FeralAW) of the big city branch.

This week we have a few interesting clients, that are worth noting:
One rides a scooter (manual operation) to and from the student accommodation about 50 metres, parks, check his email and rides back.
One (a Postgrad) asked how could she be expected to read a PDF as it was on the wrong angle when she brought it up on the screen. (Out the back, one of the staff helpfully suggested she turn the monitor on its side!)
Some higher education students we haven’t seen before have turned up for exams, looking for reserve items so they can catch up….(we are a fully employed town!)

That's all for now FeralTB

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