Monday, November 20, 2006

OZLIBBERS @ Second Life

I had an interesting chat with 3 Australian Librarians at the Australian Library Group building in Cybrary City on Info Island - Second Life.
I took this photo from the balcony of the second floor after our chat and it is a lovely place to visit. We discussed the creation of a new blog about second life and Oz adventures there, hanging off LINT.

I found out many things last night which made my visits to 2L more interesting...learning as I go...I haven't had much interaction with others there yet so I don't know some of the basics..
Got a new set of wings from Emerald Dumont, stroked the cat, teleported upstairs, sat in the zen garden and learnt about a free area for objects to put in my set.
Visited the artist colony on Ganymede and went to the theatre.

I met another visitor this morning who had designed the Genealogy floor at one of the libraries and he took me to see it. Very impressive.

Have a look at second life if you can and come and visit the Ozlibbers, and I will show you the big water slide :-)

You know you aren't at Kansas (library) anymore...when you go next door to

Must get back to FL (first life) now and go to work, bye...


Anonymous said...

Hi Hypatia, I mean TB, it was fun, wasn't it?

We'll have to catch up there again soon. Any hope of convincing the other ferals to pop in? :)


TB-) said...

Hey CW, I asked, but it seems none of them have a computer at home. So I don't think they will be able to come...never mind I will get a couple of them if they are interested around to my place sometime.